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The story behind Beryll Stona

In 1935, the saga of the SAHUWALA GROUP started in a Pre-independent India from a small village called Ellenabad. The group was a manufacturer and trader in the cereal trade in Lahore (at the time a part of India). After independence and partition of India in 1947 and loss of Lahore as a trading hub, the group shifted its operation to Chennai in South India. With Mr. Vilayati Ram Gupta at the helm of affairs the group quickly recovered from the shift and started taking a leading role in the cereal trade in the South.

Vilayati Ram Gupta

The next two decade saw an unprecedented growth in business of the Group. It added 5 manufacturing units all over the south and east of India. By now it was one of the largest processors and traders of Wheat and Dal in the country.

The 1970’s and 1980’s saw the next generation of brothers getting into the business. Keeping pace with the growth of the previous decades the group started diversifying businesses into other industries. With a textile factory in Coimbatore, an LPG cylinder factory in Vishakhapatnam and an international finance and trading company in Calcutta, the group had expanded into a new realm of business groups.

Ratan Gupta, Founder Chairman

It was at this point in time that Mr. Ratan Gupta , the third son of Mr. Vilayati Ram Gupta, ventured into the field of Granite and Marble processing in the south city of Bangalore. With a Bachelors Degree in engineering, and years of experience working in the group companies, Mr. Gupta setup a state of the art, Italian manufactured, Granite processing facility in Bangalore. Keeping up the Sahuwala Group's values, Mr. Gupta envisions to take this business to newer heights and establish himself as a leader in Granite and Marble processing in India.

Anjanil Gupta, Managing Partner

Mr. Anjanil Gupta, Son of Mr. Ratan Gupta, with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences from Northwestern University, USA has joined Mr. Ratan Gupta in the granite and marble processing industry. Bringing in fresh blood to the management and exposure to international standards and ideologies, Mr Gupta is currently spearheading the group’s activities in exports and contracting for the products manufactured at its world class facilities in Bangalore. A true entrepreneur, he started interior contracting in 2004. Being associated with some of the leading names in the various fields like Hospital Industry, Infrastructure, Leading Hotels, Institutions, Airport and MNC, shows the visionary nature of Mr Gupta. He has an eye for perfection and he shares an excellent rapport with his customers and employees. With a very strong conviction and a century of business experience to guide, Mr. Gupta hopes the group would prosper to new heights and in the process deliver goods and services to its clients, which are unparalleled and unequalled by any other.


Beryll Stona is a highly skilled turnkey contracting company which have been classified for INTERIOR and EXTERIOR service for any destinations in India. Beryll Stona is a venture founded by Mr. Ratan Gupta, an engineer by qualification and an entrepreneur by vision. Our company is not only one of the biggest but also one of the most trusted in India.

Currently managed by Mr Anjanil Gupta, the company has been providing excellent service since 2004. Based in Bangalore, functioning as strategic centre for our links. Our branch offices are widely spread in cities like Bihar, Odisha, Delhi, Gujarat, Telangana, West Bengal, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Maharashtra.

From the day one Beryll Stona has moved forward with a vision of quality, commitment, customer centric approach, impeccable interior and exterior work and above all trust from customers.

We have earned the trust of partners.